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Sports Dentistry in Pleasanton


For athletes, whether adults or children, engaging in various sports, the risk of injuries to the mouth and teeth can be a significant concern. In our Pleasanton dental clinic, we specialize in sports dentistry, a field dedicated to addressing these specific needs. Our focus is not only on treating injuries that occur during athletic activities but also on implementing preventive strategies to protect against future dental trauma. We understand that injuries sustained in sports can affect both the aesthetics and health of your teeth. Therefore, our sports dentistry services encompass a range of treatments and protective solutions, tailored to the unique demands of different sports, ensuring that athletes can continue their activities with confidence in their oral health and safety.


  • If you knock out a tooth, time becomes of utmost importance to save the tooth. You have on average 30 minutes to re-implant the tooth.
  • Do not put the tooth back in your mouth without the assistance of a medical professional.
  • Clean the tooth with water, only handling it by the crown, not the roots.
  •  To keep the tooth from drying out in transportation, your best option is to put it in cold milk. If that is not available, saliva is your next best option, followed by saline, and as a last case scenario, use water, but we do not advise using regular tap water unless absolutely necessary.


  • For a chip that exposes the pulp, or core, of your tooth, call your dentist immediately.
  • An x-ray will likely be necessary to determine the extent of the damage and proper treatment.
  • Depending on the chip or crack, a filling or bonding agent may be enough to fix your tooth.
  • If the chip or crack affects the nerve of the tooth, treatment may be more complicated.


  • Sometimes trauma may not be severe enough to knock out your tooth but is serious enough to displace it. Call your dentist immediately.
  • Do not touch your displaced tooth or attempt to move it back. This can cause more damage.
  • Apply ice to alleviate swelling or discomfort.


A crucial step in safeguarding yourself or your child from dental injuries during sports is the use of a mouth guard. At our Pleasanton dental clinic, we strongly advocate for the use of mouth guards as an effective preventive measure. We offer custom-fitted mouth guards, tailored specifically to your or your child’s individual dental structure. Wearing a custom mouth guard significantly reduces the risk of oral injuries during sporting activities. To ensure optimal protection and a comfortable fit, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us for a precise fitting. A well-fitted mouth guard is an investment in safety, helping to prevent the need for emergency dental visits and protecting your long-term oral health while you enjoy your favorite sports.

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