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Waking up with jaw pain or headaches can be a telltale sign of bruxism, a common condition where one clenches or grinds their teeth during sleep. Often, individuals with bruxism are unaware of their condition, as it typically occurs unconsciously during the night. However, if left undiagnosed and untreated, bruxism can lead to serious dental complications, including broken or cracked teeth, and in severe cases, tooth loss. The repetitive stress and pressure exerted on the teeth and jaw muscles due to grinding can progressively weaken the tooth structure, risking permanent damage.

In many cases, people are not even conscious of their teeth grinding habit. It frequently goes unnoticed until symptoms like tooth sensitivity, flattened tooth surfaces, or even changes in the fit of one’s bite become apparent. These symptoms, along with the aforementioned jaw pain and headaches, should prompt a dental evaluation. Early detection is key to preventing the escalation of damage caused by bruxism.

Fortunately, the treatment for bruxism is straightforward and highly effective. A nightguard, custom-fitted for your mouth, is the simplest and most effective solution to mitigate the harmful effects of teeth grinding. These guards are designed to fit snugly over either the top or bottom teeth, creating a protective barrier that prevents direct tooth-to-tooth contact during biting and grinding. By cushioning the teeth, a nightguard not only helps in preventing wear and tear but also alleviates the strain on jaw muscles and joints. In our Pleasanton dental clinic, we tailor-make these nightguards to ensure a comfortable fit, maximizing their effectiveness in protecting your teeth while you sleep. Incorporating a nightguard into your nightly routine can be a crucial step in preserving your oral health and avoiding the long-term consequences of untreated bruxism.

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